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We Offer Customized
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Traffic does not come in solely by publishing your website. And while your competitors are ranking on the first page, getting traffic and revenue easily from their websites, you don’t have to rack your brains trying to uncover their secrets. Neither should you despair; we’ve got you covered.

At Search Media, we look into your specific needs, offering you customized solutions that work uniquely for your website.

Note that different niches vary in SEO budget and ranking time. In fact, we’ve worked in niches that took much longer time to rank due to the competition. For this reason, we will be upfront with you during the consultation stage, so we don’t overpromise and under-deliver.

We Use
White Hat Methods Extensively

Black hat optimization tricks are unethical and punishable. They may deliver short-term results, but you don’t want to face the wrath of Google once they detect the shortcuts.

Search Media follows Google guidelines and employs tested techniques to ensure our clients enjoy the fruits of their investment over a long time.

We also continually check your links to ensure they meet Google requirements. Google abhors private blog networks(PBNs) and doesn’t hold back from punishing sites that acquire links from these spammy networks.

Moreover, the search engine has put in place restrictions against links from foreign language websites, low-quality guest posting, as well as automatically generated, paid, and irrelevant links. We are careful not to violate these regulations, among others, as we build your links, while keeping harmful links away from your website.

A Team of Dedicated
SEO Experts

We don’t believe in one person that can do all the SEO tasks by themselves. You probably need more than one headcount to execute your marketing plan. Which means, an additional cost for your expenses.

In Search Media, we hire talents around the world. From SEO specialists, Link Builders, Web Developers, Graphic Designers, and Copywriters. All the work in a particular area is handled by a dedicated specialist.

You can incredibly save on your overhead costs by outsourcing your SEO to Search Media’s team of professionals, rather than hiring someone in house.

Our Tested Process That Will Skyrocket Your SEO

We customize all campaigns according to the business goals. So the process will look differently for every campaign. But here’s our process in general.


1. Discuss Your Goals

Goals give SEO efforts a sense of direction.

We listen to you and tailor our strategy to your objectives.

Whether you want to increase your sales, grow your traffic, or expand your brand awareness, our goal is to transform these objectives into tangible and trackable results.


2. Audit Your Website

We conduct a site audit to determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Our specialists assess vital elements including design, loading speed, mobile optimization, content duplication, and navigation.

Our goal is to enhance the strengths, fix the errors, and seal the gaps to push your ranks up in organic results.

Keyword Research

3. Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of search engine optimization.

Here, we discover keywords most relevant to your business. Using renowned tools, we can formulate new keyword ideas and analyze the phrases for difficulty, Google search volume, and conversion.

We also evaluate your competitors’ keywords and take advantage of untapped keyword opportunities.


4. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is among our core specialities, so we guarantee your website is in safe hands.

In this phase, we fix anything broken, leaving your site in top-notch condition.

We enhance loading speed and source code to improve your website’s performance. Following this, we optimize your titles, URL structure, meta tags, and website hierarchy, making sure your site is Google- and user-friendly.

Other integral elements we focus on include robots.txt, mobile optimization, site maps, and much more.


5. Content Planning

Content marketing is critical to SEO.

We kick off our content planning with comprehensive research in popular forums such as Quora and Reddit to see what other people know about a topic relevant to your niche.

A peek at your competitors’ content is critical to ensure we produce much better content.

We deliver premium, ready-for-use content that drives large volumes of traffic, links and social shares to a website site. We use a content calendar to ensure our content delivery remains on schedule.

Link building

6. Link Building

6. Link

Links play a critical role in Google ranking.

However, it’s not just the quantity but the quality of the backlinks (links from other websites to your site) that matter.

In this recognition, we acquire links from authoritative and high-ranking sites back to your website to build your credibility and improve your ranks.

We also interlink your web pages to ease navigation for real visitors, and web crawling for Google bots.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO (Search engine optimization) refers to measures taken to improve a website’s ranking on search engine organic results. Websites rank for keywords/phrases most relevant to their niche and industry.

SEO in Singapore is more important than ever before. More than 95% of Singapore internet users use Google, spending at least 3 hours online daily.

Attracting potential customers into a website with SEO is easier said than done. Still, it takes extensive knowledge and skills to convert them into buyers.

Statistics reveal that 85% of online users don’t scroll past the first page of Google search results. This means close to 90% of your target customers make their buying decisions on page 1. We can help you tap into this goldmine.

Back in the days, stuffing content with keywords and paying link farms to link back to sites were sure to rank websites on page 1 of Google search results. Carrying out these tricks today will get your website penalized or blacklisted, and nobody wants that!

“Modern search engine optimization extends beyond keywords, and links,” says Alex Chew, Search Media Founder and CEO.

Today’s SEO also incorporates content marketing, email marketing, interactive website design, conversion rate optimization, and social media sharing, among other best practices.

Reaping from these strategies takes the interventions of dedicated SEO professionals.

Search Media works with all niches and types of businesses in Singapore.

Be sure to contact us for SEO consultation regardless of your type, whether it’s a proprietorship, partnership, or private limited company (Pte Ltd).

But, we need our clients to take optimization for search engines seriously and treat it as a long-term strategy. SEO is not for you if you are looking to rank on the first page of Google search results in days.

We don’t work with businesses that condone anything morally adverse, including crime, hate, and gun violence.

Search Media has existed in the SEO sector long enough to know what works and doesn’t work for search engine results.

With a team that has a strong process of ranking websites, we are sure to achieve solid results for you.

SEO is ever-changing and we’ve been through several algorithm updates. We update our process for every algorithm update.

Several talents go into making a search engine optimization campaign a success. So, hiring one new staff to handle your SEO may limit your potential, unlike when you partner with a dedicated SEO agency.

Moreover, attempting search engine optimization on your own may transition into a trial and error game that may do more harm than good to your website.

Search engine optimization is your 24/7/365 marketer, bringing you customers instead of you looking for them.

Whether you’re strolling along the Palawan beach or attending a workshop in Tampines, SEO enables you to close visitors that are already interested in your products or services, anytime and anywhere.

All your potential customers need is a reliable internet connection to link to your business. To capture these customers, you’ll need to know their search terms and optimize your website for search results. We specialize in this magic!

The definite answer to this question does not exist.

Understand that SEO is not a quick fix solution but a step-by-step process that takes some time to produce results.

The time it takes to obtain meaningful results largely depends on the previous condition of your website and competition level in your niche.

Most of our clients see a bump in traffic within months. Within a year, you can be sure to observe groundbreaking differences.

SEO costs vary significantly depending on several factors, including but not limited to the competition in your niche, keyword competition, and whether you are recovering from Google penalties.

Think of SEO as an investment rather than a business cost.

However, you’ll want to avoid a cheap SEO agency. They could be using dubious techniques such as creating spammy content that’s stuffed with keywords but useless to your target audience.

Such tactics will only earn you Google penalties and a dramatic drop in traffic and rank. It will cost you more money and time to recover from these consequences.

Search media guarantees to employ the very best search engine optimization techniques to grow your traffic and sales.

It’s tricky for any SEO agency to guarantee #1 because uncontrollable variables influence search engine results. Furthermore, Google has kept the keys to SEO success quite secretive to prevent websites from maneuvering the system to stay ahead.

Fortunately, there is always a way to optimize a website for every Google update. We update ourselves with the best practices and implement them for you.

Additionally, our track record and results speak for us, and we are happy to share them with you on request.

Local SEO helps improve the search performance of brick and mortar businesses. Its ultimate goal is to capture most of the customers performing “near me” queries.

A vital part of our local SEO services is optimizing your company profiles for business listings.

When you venture into global markets, you must connect with potential customers abroad in their native languages. International SEO comes in here.

International SEO is quite complicated because you’ll need to understand the search terms used by foreign users, as well as their search intents.

Fortunately, we have got you covered with our multiregional and multilingual optimization strategies. We’ll help you deliver memorable experiences to your target customers, irrespective of their languages or locations.

It’s common to observe regular changes in website position in search engines. Some of the common causes of these fluctuations are:

  • Search engine algorithm update: search engines often update algorithms to maintain high-quality organic search results.
    The updates are usually in the form of algorithm refreshment, an upgrade to an existing algorithm, or a new algorithm. Any of these updates can change your ranking position.
  • Technical issues: Technical changes, including redesigns, redirects, and complicated codes, can limit the access of search engine crawlers to your website.
  • Search engine penalties: Search engines penalize websites for black hat tricks, user-generated spam, irrelevant content, spammy links, and low-quality content.

We have the experience and tools to fix fluctuations in search results ethically and effectively, protecting your website from penalties and dramatic dip in ranking and Google search traffic.


White hat SEO refers to the positive practices that help your website rank naturally on search results.

These techniques align with Google regulations and comprise all the methods we’ve mentioned in our process. But remember, Google takes time to recognize these techniques, so don’t expect to see results overnight.

Black hat techniques are unethical practices that can boost your rankings quickly, but also violate Google’s rules. They include:

  • Cloaking: Serving users with content that’s different from what search engine bots were presented with to manipulate rankings.
  • Keyword stuffing: Filling website content with keywords to gain an unfair advantage in search engine ranking.
  • Link farming: Linking multiple sites to a single website to manipulate ranks in search engines.

It’s tempting to employ black hat tricks to rank on the first page of Google results. However, the gains are usually short-term because Google will eventually catch up with these tricks and consequently sink your rankings.

To avoid denting your website reputation, stick to white SEO at all costs.

You can be as hands-off or involved (offering suggestions and content ideas) as you’d like. But we are sure you’d love to focus on other core business matters while experts handle your SEO campaigns.

Irrespective of your involvement level, we still need you to approve some items. Our SEO specialists will also offer you regular reports to keep you updated with our progress.


Yes. Reasons why you should continually implement SEO even after showing up on the first page of search engines include:

  • Your competitors are optimizing their websites aggressively to outrank you.
  • It’s imperative that you optimize your new content to remain relevant and at the top of search engines.
  • There’s no end to link building for websites that want to maintain SEO success in Singapore.

Numerous potential customers are searching for your products or services online in Singapore. Your competitors are scoring big with Google’s first page rankings. Why not you?

Let Search Media Pte Ltd make search engine optimization work for you.

If you’d like to learn more about our SEO services or discuss your project, contact us online or call us at +65 9772 5530. Partner with us and experience the magic of ranking in top Google search results pages.

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